Getting QuickBooks and Paypal to Sync Automatically

Make QBO and PayPal CoexistUntil yesterday, I’d read and heard so many things about this app for QuickBooks Online (QBO), that I was very reluctant to use it. But after manually inputting hundreds of Paypal transactions for one of my clients (a local charity), I decided to give it a try.

Attempts to activate it in both Firefox and Chrome failed miserably. SO, I initiated an Intuit support chat. The rep instructed me to open QBO in an incognito Chrome window. When I did that, the activation went perfectly.

And this app is freakin’ awesome! It imports all your customer’s contact info and creates a customer record for them. In addition to the Paypal transactions and fees, it also syncs transfers to your bank account.

Learn more about this app on Intuit’s QuickBooks Online Apps page. Xero offers a similar function.

And if you’d like FREE help converting your QuickBooks desktop file to either QBO or Xero, so you can enjoy secure, real-time, anywhere access to your financial records, call me today at 256-883-5008. If you prefer Skype, my UserID is gwen.harrison.205. Or you can email me.

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