Free MS Excel Check Register

If you’re like me, you don’t really like using something like Mint or Quicken to track your personal finances. I feel this way because:

  1. My personal finances aren’t that complicated (in other words, I’m not rich), and therefore:
  2. I don’t like using a complicated tool for tracking my finances.

Before I switched my personal finances to QuickBooks Online, I setup a macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet to track my finances. I used macros and VBA code to ensure things like all expenditures were subtracted from my bank account balance. (In other words, I used those features to dummy-proof the spreadsheet.)

I took my original Excel spreadsheet, added some instructions, and made it available as a free download on my website. I hope at least some of my website visitors find it useful. (Technical support is not included.)

(Almost) Free Digital Checks

At, you can send a digital check to anyone, and receive a digital check from anyone. The initiator (sender or receiver) pays a $1.00 fee per transaction. Both parties have to verify their identity. This verification happens instantly if your bank is one that Checkbook has partnered with. If not, you must use the micro-deposit verification method. (Checkbook states they provide instant identity verification on 75% of their transactions.) The sender’s bank information is not shared with the recipient, nor is the recipient’s info shared with the sender.

In short, Checkbook seems to be an easy, fairly cheap, and convenient service. My bank charges $3.00 to send ACH transfers, so Checkbook is a great alternative.

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