XeroCon Coming to Austin, TX

Each year, Xero hosts a three-day event for its subscribers and partners called XeroCon. This year it will be held in Austin, TX.

The dates for this annual event are December 5 (PreCon), 6 and 7 (XeroCon). These dates are Tuesday through Thursday.

If you register now, you get entry into both “official” convention days (December 6 and 7), plus the official Wrap Party on the evening of December 7, for $249.00.

Click the pig picture to go to the XeroCon website.

Best SaaS Company: Xero

Xero has been named the Best SaaS company by the Cloud Computing Awards program. The program is seven years old, and “celebrates excellence and innovation in the rapid-growth cloud computing market. The awards program accepts entries from across the world, from organizations of all sizes.”

Xero itself was founded 10 years ago, and currently employs more than 1,600 team members worldwide. It is the second largest cloud accounting program in the United States (surpassed only by QuickBooks Online).

And the Winner is…Xero

NEW QuickBooks Online & Xero User’s Group

On Thursday, February 24, 2017, we’re launching a user’s group for QuickBooks Online and Xero. Initially we’ll meet once a month in Huntsville, Alabama, with plans to split it into two separate monthly meetings (one for QBO and one for Xero) if there’s enough interest.

If you live in the Huntsville area and would like to attend, because space is limited we strongly encourage you to RSVP by visiting our Meetup.com page.

Xero Timesavers

Xero has many features that make your accounting work both easier and faster. Here are a few.

  • Cash coding allows you to code large numbers of transactions in bulk. This feature is especially useful when your bookkeeping has fallen behind.
  • Find and Recode – change the coding of multiple transactions with just a few clicks.
  • With the Xero Mobile app, you can generate invoices, record transactions, and code transactions.
  • Upload important Files to Xero and store in the library, or attach them to a transaction or contact.
  • Get feedback on unreconciled bank items with Uncoded Statement Lines. With one click, you can create an editable PDF to send to your client or colleague. The recipient can then type comments into the PDF and send it back to you. This is a simple yet efficient way to collaborate on transaction coding.

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Xero and Power BI

Last week, Xero announced an exciting new integration with Microsoft Power BI, a rich business analytics tool for businesses of all sizes. Accountants and bookkeepers who serve their clients as business advisors will also find it useful.

Read the full Xero blog post which covers this new integration.

Automatic Invoice Reminders

For some businesses, following up on past due invoices consumes a significant amount of time. But Xero makes it easy to automate what can be an awkward, time-consuming task.

Xero allows you to setup automatic email reminders for past due invoices. You can schedule the reminders using a certain number of days, or an upcoming due date. Messages can be tailored, and can also be switched off for specific customers.

Learn more about this feature on Xero.com.

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There’s An App for That

Did you know that both QuickBooks Online and Xero have numerous apps (or plugins) to extend their functionality? You can learn more about them with the links below.

But deploy with care! Be careful to thoroughly research any that sound promising, because not all of them work. Read the reviews, and ask several people who are certified in your program of choice (Xero or QBO) about the app in question. I am a member of several bookkeeper and accounting groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. These are excellent venues for seeking information on a particular app. Please note that the Paypal app has proven to be very dysfunctional for numerous people from these groups who have attempted to use it. The app also has negative reviews posted.

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New Xero Feature

In your job, do you frequently create invoices that are very similar? Xero includes the ability to copy invoices for modification and creation of a new (but similar) invoice. And last week, Xero added the ability to copy details from an invoice in order to create new Quotes, Bills, and Purchase ordres. And if you use multiple currencies in your business, Xero will update the currency if needed when you change the customer name.

Learn more about this added feature on the Xero Blog.

This is just one example of how Xero features can save you time and effort. If you’d like more information on converting to Xero, please contact me.