XeroCon Coming to Austin, TX

Each year, Xero hosts a three-day event for its subscribers and partners called XeroCon. This year it will be held in Austin, TX.

The dates for this annual event are December 5 (PreCon), 6 and 7 (XeroCon). These dates are Tuesday through Thursday.

If you register now, you get entry into both “official” convention days (December 6 and 7), plus the official Wrap Party on the evening of December 7, for $249.00.

Click the pig picture to go to the XeroCon website.

QuickBooks Payroll Options

Intuit offers the following payroll options for QuickBooks Online (QBO) and QuickBooks Desktop (QBD).

QBO (Both options integrated)

  • Enhanced Payroll – You process, e-file, and e-pay federal/state taxes/returns. Drawbacks: You have to do your own setup, and you can’t upgrade to full service later.
  • QuickBooks Full Service Payroll – The name says it all; except for DIY processing Intuit handles everything else (taxes, returns, e-file, e-pay, W2s). Includes free setup. But it is more expensive.

QBD Both the options below integrate with QBD, and with both you’ll print your own payroll checks or do direct deposit. Also note that QBD Enterprise Gold includes an Enhanced Payroll subscription, and direct deposit is free.

  • Enhanced Payroll – You process, e-file, and e-pay federal/state taxes/returns. Unlike QBO, with this option in QBD you can upgrade later.
  • Assisted Payroll – DIY processing with Intuit handling all taxes, returns, e-filing, and e-payments.

Third Option

Intuit Full Service Payroll (IFSP) is another Intuit product that does not integrate with either QBO or QBD. However, you can export a data file to update either QBO or any version of QBD. Only IFSP allows you to pay subcontractors and file 1099s. Other services remain the same as Full Service Payroll for QBO.