XeroCon Coming to Austin, TX

Each year, Xero hosts a three-day event for its subscribers and partners called XeroCon. This year it will be held in Austin, TX.

The dates for this annual event are December 5 (PreCon), 6 and 7 (XeroCon). These dates are Tuesday through Thursday.

If you register now, you get entry into both “official” convention days (December 6 and 7), plus the official Wrap Party on the evening of December 7, for $249.00.

Click the pig picture to go to the XeroCon website.

QuickBooks Payroll Options

Intuit offers the following payroll options for QuickBooks Online (QBO) and QuickBooks Desktop (QBD).

QBO (Both options integrated)

  • Enhanced Payroll – You process, e-file, and e-pay federal/state taxes/returns. Drawbacks: You have to do your own setup, and you can’t upgrade to full service later.
  • QuickBooks Full Service Payroll – The name says it all; except for DIY processing Intuit handles everything else (taxes, returns, e-file, e-pay, W2s). Includes free setup. But it is more expensive.

QBD Both the options below integrate with QBD, and with both you’ll print your own payroll checks or do direct deposit. Also note that QBD Enterprise Gold includes an Enhanced Payroll subscription, and direct deposit is free.

  • Enhanced Payroll – You process, e-file, and e-pay federal/state taxes/returns. Unlike QBO, with this option in QBD you can upgrade later.
  • Assisted Payroll – DIY processing with Intuit handling all taxes, returns, e-filing, and e-payments.

Third Option

Intuit Full Service Payroll (IFSP) is another Intuit product that does not integrate with either QBO or QBD. However, you can export a data file to update either QBO or any version of QBD. Only IFSP allows you to pay subcontractors and file 1099s. Other services remain the same as Full Service Payroll for QBO.


Free Class: Intro to Accounting & Bookkeeping

Royalwise Solutions is offering a free class for business owners. Below is the description from their website:

Entrepreneurs and new business owners are experts in their field and have a passion for what they do…but if they were good at bookkeeping, they would have become bookkeepers! This class is a great introduction to the business behind business. What do you need to know about record-keeping in order to succeed? We’ll look at: The importance of good record keeping, saving receipts, bookkeeping options like QB, web-based systems including QBO and Xero, using an iPad to write up estimates in the field, using an iPhone to take credit cards, when do you need a bookkeeper. Estimates to invoices to payments. The world of QB apps like Tsheets for timecards and Bill.com for A/P.

You can watch the class live, or watch a recording later. Register at the bottom of this web page.

Best SaaS Company: Xero

Xero has been named the Best SaaS company by the Cloud Computing Awards program. The program is seven years old, and “celebrates excellence and innovation in the rapid-growth cloud computing market. The awards program accepts entries from across the world, from organizations of all sizes.”

Xero itself was founded 10 years ago, and currently employs more than 1,600 team members worldwide. It is the second largest cloud accounting program in the United States (surpassed only by QuickBooks Online).

And the Winner is…Xero

QuickBooks Desktop to Disappear

QuickBooks Online (QBO) inspires both love and hate. Long-time users of QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) who almost fully utilize its advanced features usually hate QBO. QBO users, on the other hand, love the convenience of secure, real-time, anywhere access to their books.

Unfortunately, as anyone who works with Intuit products can easily discern, Intuit is focusing its efforts on QBO. Most industry analysts expect that, as QBO improves, QBD will eventually disappear.

Charlie Russell with the Accountex Report has written a series of articles that constitute an in-depth analysis. Here are the first two.

  1. Intuit and the Future of QuickBooks
  2. QuickBooks Online is the Future for Intuit

NEW Facebook Users’ Groups

Today I launched two new Facebook groups – one for QuickBooks Online (QBO) users, and one for Xero users. Membership in both groups is restricted to residents of Huntsville, or another town in north Alabama. Please note you must be logged into Facebook to access these links.

In these groups, we’ll answer member questions and share tips and tricks for each cloud-based accounting app.

NEW QuickBooks Online & Xero User’s Group

On Thursday, February 24, 2017, we’re launching a user’s group for QuickBooks Online and Xero. Initially we’ll meet once a month in Huntsville, Alabama, with plans to split it into two separate monthly meetings (one for QBO and one for Xero) if there’s enough interest.

If you live in the Huntsville area and would like to attend, because space is limited we strongly encourage you to RSVP by visiting our Meetup.com page.

QuickBooks Online for $60 a Year

Cash CatIntuit is offering a deep discount on QuickBooks Online through October 28, 2016. Get a subscription for only $5.00 per month, or $60 a year. Normally it’s four times that or more.

Contact me today to learn how you can access this incredible deal. Purchase of bookkeeping services not required.

Free or Deeply Discounted Apps for Nonprofits

Free or Deeply Discounted Apps for NonprofitsDo you work for or volunteer with a nonprofit organization? Does that organization need software or apps that it can’t afford? At TechSoup.org, you’ll find companies who are willing to donate or deeply discount a variety of software and apps to nonprofit organizations. You’ll need to signup for a free account and enter some information about your organization, such as the Federal EIN. After taking up to 10 business days to evaluate eligibility, Tech Soup will notify you whether your organization qualifies.

Available apps include QuickBooks (both Online and Desktop). Contact me today if you have a nonprofit and need help setting up it’s books.